10 Funky Stationery Supplies You Need In Your Life

10 Funky Stationery Supplies You Need In Your Life

Stationery is a proper passion of mine. Live it, breathe it, couldn't get anything done without it. I rely on it so much for not only organising my work day but also for getting through my days off without missing meet-ups or forgetting errands. And it's equally important to me that all this stationery is funky and colourful so it makes my desk feel fun! A floral washi tape, vibrant daily planner or retro list pad makes all the difference. 

Below is a list of my not-boring stationery staples that help me get through my week having actually done something with my life! I've also added a few suggestions from my wonderful instagram followers, who are clearly as stationery obsessed as I am. 

When I say I use this every day I mean it! Workdays, weekends, through all kinds of projects - if it's not on the day planner it's not getting done! This one has space for notes and tasks for tomorrow so you won't forget a thing. 

Everybody needs a good black pen - a staple pen for all your list making and doodling needs. I love these livework ones since they come in a bunch of different colours and write like an absolute dream! 

If you're someone who loves to write things by hand you need some correcting tape in your life. This blue one from Midori has a glorious retro charm to it.

Washi tape is the multiple-purpose-super-star of your stationery stash. I love using it to stick up lists and reminders around my studio but it's just as great for decorating the edge of drawers or wrapping gifts with a little extra colour.

You gotta have a solid collection of highlighters - great for colour-coding or crossing off lists. These adorable mini ones are great for sticking in your bag or pencil case.

So I don't quite have one of these in my life but oh boy, do I need one! My desk is constantly covered in loose sheets of paper that would be much better organised if I were to group them together by project - this ones on the wishlist!

A good eraser is a necessity if you're someone who tends to 'pencil it in'. Whether it's with precarious plans or a bullet journal spread that's a work in progress, you want to make sure that when those pencil marks are ready to go they are GONE. Milan erasers are a classic that you really can't go wrong with, they've been my go-to for about 10 years now! 

Well, what good is the eraser if you don't have a pencil? I'm a mechanical pencil kind of girl, personally: this one gets bonus points for the colour and cute details! 

All those good ideas have to go somewhere! I keep a notepad on my desk at all times just to brain dump every randomly-occuring-thought that pops into my head. Many new product ideas have been born on one of these babies!

I'm always using sticky notes for the things I really can't forget, but definitely will. Stick them somewhere you'll always see them and you'll (hopefully!) never forget a thing.