Your September Organisation Essentials

Your September Organisation Essentials

September is that mid-year reset you always forget about. If you're off back to school or university it's a chance to get yourself organised and set some resolutions; like this will really be the year you don't leave assignments until the last minute. Or that you'll finally get around to making that study schedule you've been meaning too. 

And even if your school days are behind you (ahem, me) September can still be a great time to take stock and see how you can simplify your life for the remainder of the year. I like to see what's slipped out of my routine and what would help me keep on top of things a bit more, then make changes to my planning system to help fix that. To be clear, this isn't about pushing productivity (I think we could all relax a bit about that) but about getting the things done that you need to without struggling. Planners help make my life easier; they mean I don't forget deadlines, emails I need to send or to buy that birthday present. They mean all good (and bad) ideas get kept somewhere safe instead of forgetting about them and then getting frustrated that my genius idea got away from me!

So here are my organisation essentials for September, and I hope it gives you a few ideas to think about when deciding on your own!

A 'good' daily planner is going to look different for everyone but for me there's 3 key elements that make one work. A long list section, a notes section and somewhere to write down things for tomorrow. I've used this system for years and it helps my day run so smoothly - simple and effective! Finding what works for you might take a little bit of trial and error (ahem, an excuse to buy more stationery) but once you get it down, oh boy, does it make life easier. 

For days when you're working on big projects I find it incredibly helpful to have somewhere to jot down your thoughts. A nice memo pad to write down that brilliant idea you could put in the concluding paragraph or make a note of what to have for dinner. It frees up your brain to work on whatever important thing you're currently doing while still keeping track of any trailing thoughts.

Whether you choose to go paper-based, digital or a mix of both is up to you but having a central place to map out your week is key. Personally, I like to use a paper weekly pad so I can have easy access to it on my desk but I'll often use notion to keep track of bigger picture things (ie. stuff for the rest of the month). Not only is a weekly planner great for making sure you never miss a lecture again, but you can use it to spread tasks out throughout the week and make sure you don't get too overwhelmed trying to cram it all into one day.