Wholesale Stationery

Lately Studio is stocked in stores around the world - and we'd love you to be one of them!

You can sign up below to be emailed our most up-to-date digital catalogue - this will subscribe you to our wholesale drop-in, a twice-a-year-ish update of our catalogue, along with occasional updates on new products throughout the year. You'll also get 15% off your first order! So sit yourself down with a cup of tea/coffee/drink of choice and have a flip-through, I've made it as pretty as possible so have a proper gander.

You can also buy wholesale for your subscription box, as gifts for events or any other occasion that finds you buying stationery en-masse. If you're not sure if this includes you just drop me an email at hello@latelystudio.co.uk and we can chat about it, no pressure!

If you'd prefer to pay Net 60 you can also find our range of wholesale stationery goodness, including daily desk planners and washi tapes, over on Faire


Get 15% Off Your First Order