5 of the best uses for washi tape

5 of the best uses for washi tape

Washi tape is by and far the most multi-purpose piece of stationery I own. For starters, it comes in so many different options - thick, thin, with funky shaped edges and more colours and patterns than you can ever imagine. So whatever your vibe, you're going to find something that fits it! My own collection contains an assortment of pastel, retro and wiggly washi tapes so I can take my pick.

And in case you're wondering what washi tape is, it's a paper-based low-tack tape - which is exactly what makes it so multi-purpose! You can reposition it easy-peasy and when it comes to removing it you won't be left with any ripped paper or damaged paint work. 


Journalling and Planning 

Let's start with the obvious: washi tape is brilliant for jazzing up your bullet journal spreads. Taping in ephemera, creating borders or using for any decorative purpose your mind can conjure. And if you use a traditional diary or planner you can get just as much use out of it, I love using washi to block out days I'm off work or on holiday. The best bit it is you can write your plans on the tape and rearrange as necessary!  

To Decorate 

Something I really didn't consider until a couple of years ago was using it for decor purposes! Shelf edges, drawers, frames - really, the possibilities are endless. Amazing if you're on a budget and want to make your furniture a lil' funkier without having to go out and refurnish your whole house, that ikea-white looks much more 'you' with a pop of pattern. 

To Frame Prints

If you want a nice border for your prints but don't really want to put nails in the walls, why not DIY a fake frame with some funky washi tapes? Another hack ideal for renters as the low-tack washi tape shouldn't damage the walls but you can still fill them with prints!

Wrapping gifts

So my favourite part of using washi tape to wrap presents is it's recyclable! But another bonus is how pretty it looks and that you can match it to your wrapping paper - even a brown kraft paper get's a little extra something when you add some colourful tape.

Create straight edges

If you're an artist let me let you in on the something: washi tape is the best tape for getting a crisp edge. No more torn paper ruining your latest master piece, and no more paint bleeding through either! And it doesn't hurt that it's much prettier than your standard masking tape.


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