What even is washi tape?

What even is washi tape?

If you consider yourself a fan of all things stationery you've probably come across washi tape by now. And you've also probably found yourself, at some point, asking 'what is washi tape?' and 'how is it any different from my usual tape?' Well, well, well friends, let me tell you all about it!

Washi tape is a Japanese low-tack paper tape. There you go, that's the short version - but that little summary is filled with so much more wonderful stuff!

Because washi tape is paper based it's biodegradable (and in most cases, recyclable - but that's a question for your local recycling authority!). The washi paper itself is made from trees as usual, and the adhesive is made from rubber. Which is harvested, again, from trees! What's even better is many washi tapes (including our own) are packaged in cardboard boxes, meaning there's zero plastic in sight and the whole thing is either recyclable or biodegradable at the end of its life. You can get thick rolls, thin rolls, foiled, die-cut (that means it's cut to a funky shape rather than your basic straight line) - truly the possibilities are endless and it feels like every week I come across something new or think of a new way to create tapes! 

Now, what the hell does low-tack mean? Basically, it's less sticky than regular tape. In 99% of situations you can peel it off without leaving a mark or damaging the surface below, this makes it great for journals or planners when you might want to reposition the tape or sticking things on your walls without losing your deposit. Bonus use for the artists: it's the best kind of tape for marking out clean edges on a painting, I've not gone back to masking tape since trying this!

There's two main ways I like to use washi tape which are...

In My Journal 

Whether you use a bullet journal or a traditional diary/day planner, washi tape can make a great addition. In a bullet journal you can pick different tapes to match different themes throughout the notebook, creating snazzy borders or dividers on the pages. If you use a traditional pre-designed day planner a washi tape makes a pretty cute way of blocking off days or times for meetings, holidays or appointments. Just write you plans on the tape and rearrange as necessary!

To Decorate Around My Home

Something I really didn't consider until a couple of years ago was using it for decor purposes! Shelf edges, drawers, frames - really, the possibilities are endless. Amazing if you're on a budget and want to make your furniture a lil' funkier without having to go out and refurnish your whole house, that ikea-white looks much more 'you' with a pop of pattern. 

And if you're after more ways you can incorporate washi tape into your life why not check out this blog on 5 of the best uses for washi tape?

So there you have it, now you're armed with all the information you need about the wonderful world of washi tape. Whether you want to use it to fill your journal or jazz up that set of ikea drawers you recently acquired, you've got endless options to do so!

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